Automated Spot Market

A fully automated auction system that takes the hassle of time and negotiation off your hands.


  • Log-in and create an offer: fill-out the product details, upload COAs & product photos, set auction parameters, and open the offer for bidding.
  • You only pay for product that sells, and at 0.75% commission on weekly sales over $100k, our fees are the by far lowest in the market.
  • We even offer a guaranteed money-back policy should the buyer refuse to take delivery of the product for any reason.


  • Log-in and browse the listings. Select any offer that suits your needs and enter a bid.
  • As long as bidding is open, you can raise your maximum bid amount at any time.
  • When the auction closes, the winning bidder will be put in contact with seller to conclude the sales transaction.
  • Buying on Cannamerx is free — you will not be charged any fees or commission.

Key Features

Whether you are a buyer or seller, Cannamerx gives you access to cannabis & hemp, cannabis & hemp products, and genetics in a seamless auction process. Here are some of the unique features that make Cannamerx ideally suited to your business:

  • Choice between anonymous and branded offers
  • Anonymous bidding
  • Automated bidding
  • "Buy Now" (instant purchase) option
  • Reserve Price (Minimum Sales Price)
  • Product photos and COA PDFs
  • Standardized product descriptions: THC/CBD Content, Irradiation Status, GMP & Organic Certification Status, Contaminant Testing, Harvest Date, Packaging Information, and more
  • Product categories include: cannabis flower & trim, hemp flower & biomass, and cannabis OR hemp crude oil / distillate / isolate / prediluted oil
  • Genetics categories including seeds, plantlets, and cuttings
  • Timed offers (from 4 days to 4 weeks, or specify number of days)
  • Early Close Option
  • Ability to accept below-reserve bids
  • Unsold offers can be re-listed with just a few clicks
  • Automatic email notifications on changes in auction status
  • Full access to all current and past transactions
  • Mobile ready (Android and iOS)
  • Fully compliant with the Canadian Cannabis Act and all relevant international jurisdictions
  • International sales: select from a number of options that allow you to disclose critical information about your product.

Let us show you

If you are a legal cannabis or hemp actor in your jurisdiction, Cannamerx is the best place to auction your current and future supply to the world.

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